Savannah Personal Injury Attorney Gene Brooks

About Brooks Law Office

Brooks Law Office is committed to protecting the rights of an individual injured from someone else’s negligence. For more than thirty years, we have stood up against drug manufacturers, insurance companies, health care providers and employers in pursuit of securing rightful compensation for our clients. Legal matters as a result of an injury are life-changing and overwhelming. Located in Savannah, Georgia, our legal team works hard to help clients move forward with their lives. We focus on the individual client, their situation and their case, in professionally helping them regain their life.



Mr. Brooks has learned much about medicine in his over thirty years of practice in personal injury cases. If you or your loved one is a victim of toxic exposure, a defective product or another act of negligence, entrust our law office to help secure you or your loved one’s legal rights. We have the skills, resources and legal knowledge to help you obtain a full financial recovery for any medical care and other expenses associated with an act of negligence. Contact a proven personal injury trial lawyer today.

“We work every day to help our clients regain their lives.”


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