Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

Automobile, Tractor-trailer and Motorcycle Accidents in Savannah

Even when the other driver was clearly at fault, collecting full compensation for your losses in a car accident, motorcycle accident or tractor-trailer accident is not always simple.  In many cases, insurance companies — theirs and yours — will try to settle the case prematurely or for the lowest amount possible.   A motor vehicle accident lawsuit involving serious injuries may include hiring professional investigators and accident reconstructionists to determine exactly what happened at the scene of the accident, and should always include extensive work with medical experts and rehabilitation specialists to make sure any settlement proposal includes all necessary medical care.

Savannah Automobile Accident Attorney

Our firm has resolved hundreds of cases in 25 years of practice, including auto accident claims, involving:

  • One-car accidents
  • Two-car or multiple-vehicle wrecks
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Tractor-trailer accidents
  • Accidents with uninsured motorists
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists struck by cars
  • Fatal car accidents resulting in wrongful death lawsuits

An advantage of working with Brooks Law Firm is that our clients can rely on our thoroughness in working with them to achieve fair compensation. Our clients’ cases receive personal attention from a legal team who will spend as much time as necessary to put together strong arguments for settlement. We work extensively with medical experts and rehabilitation specialists to make sure our settlement proposals include all necessary medical care. Our team examines the car accident scene closely, searching for any and all causes of the accident — including possible road defects that may provide a basis for legal action against a government entity.

Tractor-Trailer and Truck Accident Lawyer in Georgia

Injuries in a tractor trailer collision tend to be far worse than those in other types of motor vehicle accidents. The tremendous difference in mass between the vehicles often results in catastrophic injury to the occupants of the car.  Serious injuries such as paralysis, amputation, head injury, brain injury, multiple broken bones, serious back injury or neck injury, and even death are common in truck accidents.  Just as there is a big difference in size between a semi truck and a passenger car, so too there is a large difference in the legal resources of a trucking company and the legal resources of an individual driver. This difference in resources is why qualified legal help is so critically important.

Brooks Law Firm has obtained significant verdicts and awards in trucking crashes, including a $1.35 million settlement in a wrongful death case and a $1 million settlement after closing arguments in the trial of a highway worker permanently injured when a commercial truck driver struck him on a highway median.  Founding attorney Eugene C. Brooks understands the unique insurance and liability issues in truck accidents and uses professional investigators and accident reconstructionists to gather evidence at the crash site to show that truck driver negligence (e.g., speeding, fatigue and inattentive driving) or trucking company errors (e.g., bad brakes, overweight freight or improper training) contributed to the collision.

Savannah Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Motorcycle accident cases are notoriously difficult to resolve. Bike riders who get hurt in crashes caused by other people usually find they have a harder time negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance companies than people similarly injured in car accidents. The thinking goes like this: motorcycle riders are willing to take risks, so they should pay for the results of their own risk-taking. It isn’t fair, but that prejudice often prevents motorcycle crash victims from getting fair compensation after an accident.

Getting past this prejudice often requires strong persuasive skills and aggressive negotiation on behalf of the motorcycle crash victim.  Our firm has a proven track record of winning reasonable settlements and jury verdicts for our injured clients.


Attorney Eugene C. Brooks is a certified trial specialist who has both lectured and written extensively on toxic exposures and other personal injury topics.  Mr. Brooks has practiced law in Georgia for more than 25 years and has represented clients in Savannah, throughout Chatham County and Coastal Georgia and around the state.

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