Work Related Injury

Work Related Injury

Work related injuries may include falls, back injuries, head injuries, broken limbs, severed fingers or limbs and other serious or catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent disability or permanent partial disability. While most of these injuries are covered under the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, additional claims in cases of wrongful death, occupational disease or third-party liability (the manufacturer of defective tools that cause injury or a construction site injury caused by a dangerous work environment) may also be pursued in some cases.


Client: Male, 28 years old

Location: Savannah, GA

Injury: Work related asthma, toxic exposure

Facts: A hospital hired an out of state salvage company to remove two old HVAC (air conditioning) units. They contained freon and another chemical compound that create dangerous toxic gas when heated. The salvage company cut corners in removing the chemicals and instructed their employees to cut the HVAC units with torches. The cutting torches burned the remaining freon and chemical compounds filling the work area with smoke that also entered the hospital’s air conditioning system. Our client was working in the area and was overexposed to the toxic fumes. He was taken to the emergency room.

Following the exposure, our client developed permanent asthma and could no longer perform his work as an HVAC technician.

Result: Our legal team filed suit seeking recovery of medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering damages for our client. The case settled the week before trial for a confidential amount.

“We work every day to help our clients regain their lives.”