Legal Documents

Legal Samples

Legal documents intended for fellow attorneys to help better serve their clients and promote greater access to justice for the public at large:

  • Dowse Settlement Agreement Form: Sample settlement agreement for plaintiffs attorneys when dealing with an insurance company.
  • Order of Court: Order of Court compelling State Farm to produce other similar claims files in a water damage homeowner’s claim.


Bad Faith Insurance

Third party insurance company refused to defend its insured:

  • Supreme Court of Georgia Opinion: Southern Guaranty Insurance Company v. Dowse (Oct 2004)
  • Appellee’s Brief: Southern Guaranty Insurance Company v. Dowse (Apr 2004).
    This release was approved by the Georgia Supreme Court in Southern Guar. Ins. Co. v. Dowse, 278 Ga. 674 (2004) as a release to be used when the carrier denies coverage and abandons the insured.
  • Appellant’s Brief: Dowse v. Southern Guaranty Insurance Company (Apr 2003)
  • Complaint: Dowse v. Southern Guaranty Insurance Company (2003)
  • Respondent Brief Supreme Court: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Japonica Roberts (April 2016). This is a brief filed by Roberts to Georgia Supreme Court.


Daubert Issue

Sufficiency of evidence of asbestos exposure to prove specific causation in mesothelioma case:

  • Amicus Brief: Butler v. Union Carbide Corporation (Jul 2011)
    Amicus Brief in support of petition for certiorari where Brooks argues against the inclusion of an Appendix to an opinion of the Court of Appeals which “appears to be adopted as part of the opinion, and so must be considered as such although not a single Court of Appeals’ judge authored the Appendix portion of the opinion.