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Check Out the Brooks Law Office Winter 2019 Newsletter!

Check Out the Brooks Law Office Winter 2019 Newsletter!

Our winter 2019 newsletter is here! In this season’s edition, we discuss shoulder injuries, safe shopping practices, anesthesia malpractice, how to safely store medicine, pedestrian accidents, and chain reaction auto accidents. Plus, we answer the question: Should you wave through that other driver at the intersection?

Read all about these topics in our newsletter:

  • Our front-page featured story is all about shoulder injuries. Learn the most common types of shoulder injuries, what to do if your shoulder(s) is injured, and how these injuries can be treated.
  • Next, we dive in to how you can make sure you’re shopping safely, in-store and online. We give you some tips for the best ways to protect your identity and financial information when shopping online.
  • This edition features an article about anesthesia malpractice.
  • We provide the best ways to keep your medications out of reach of children, with helpful safe-storage tips!
  • Then, we discuss if the driver is always at fault in cases of pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents. Depending on the circumstances of the incident — and if the pedestrian was found to be distracted, intoxicated, walking where prohibited, jaywalking, and/or crossing against signals — the pedestrian may be found to be fully or partially responsible for the accident.
  • If you get rear-ended in traffic and hit the car in front of you as a result, who is responsible? We also examine the question of fault in chain reaction auto accidents.
  • Lastly, you can read our piece, “Thinking of Waving Through That Other Driver? You may want to reconsider.” We present some potential scenarios to watch out for when driving through an intersection.

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