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Devastating injuries can occur when an airbag fails to deploy during a car accident. The injuries sustained after an airbag doesn’t properly deploy often require expensive medical treatments, and in some cases, life-long care. Federal safety standards have been put in place to ensure that car companies equip their vehicles with fully functioning airbags that are capable of limiting the effects of an accident.

Although airbags can save lives when they deploy during an accident, there are some situations in which the airbag might malfunction or not work how it is supposed to. When an airbag doesn’t deploy or deploys too early during an accident, the passengers and driver inside the vehicle can sustain catastrophic injuries.

What Causes Airbag Failure?

A number of different factors can contribute to airbag failure during a collision. Sometimes a vehicle’s airbag didn’t deploy because of a flaw within the design of the device, while other times, a critical error was made when it was being installed.

The following factors can contribute to airbag failure:

  • Defective or Damaged Electronics

  • Poor Quality Materials

  • Faulty Installation

  • Design Flaws

  • Defective Impact Sensors

If you were involved in an accident where your vehicle’s airbags failed to deploy, you might be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you sustained and the damage caused to your vehicle. Depending on how the airbag contributed to your injuries, you might be able to take legal action against the manufacturer of the device and other negligent parties who were responsible for ensuring the airbag would function in an accident.

Examples of Airbag Failure

Figuring out why the airbag failed to deploy can be a difficult task without the assistance of an experienced law firm.

Examples of airbag failure include:

  • The airbag deploys too slowly or fails to deploy at all

  • The airbag deploys with too much force

  • The airbag deploys during a relatively minor collision

  • The airbag deploys in the wrong direction

Common Injuries Caused by Airbag Failure

When an airbag malfunctions, the following injuries can occur:

  • Facial Injuries: One major purpose of the airbag contained in the steering wheel is to prevent a driver’s face from going through the windshield of their vehicle during an accident. When airbags don’t deploy, drivers and passengers can suffer eye injuries, facial lacerations, and broken facial bones.

  • Chest Injuries: Airbags placed throughout a motor vehicle are supposed to prevent a person’s body from being flung out of their seat. When the airbag malfunctions and doesn’t actually deploy, drivers and passengers can sustain serious chest injuries, such as broken ribs, soft tissue damage, and punctured organs.

My Airbag Didn’t Deploy, What Should I Do?

Were you involved in a collision where your vehicle’s airbags failed to deploy? If so, you should immediately speak to our skilled airbag defect lawyers about how to secure the financial compensation you are entitled to. Our attorneys will use professional airbag mechanics to inspect your vehicle to determine if any flaws or manufacturing errors contributed to the airbag failing to deploy.

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