You’ve waited all week for this moment: finally, you’re able to hit the open road with your prized motorcycle. You’ve taken all the precautions and have on all the equipment you need. The road is yours.

Traffic is getting thick, but you’re still cruising as normal. In a blink of an eye, you're cut off in traffic by another vehicle that was negligent of the space you occupied on the road. Seconds later, you end up on the ground in the median. Your bike is destroyed, but even worse, your leg is in massive pain. Brooks Law Office strives to seek justice for your injuries while you recover with peace of mind.

Being Involved in A Motorcycle Accident Can Have Serious and Lasting Implications

Even if both parties have the required level of insurance, it is rare for the insurance companies to pay out a fair amount of compensation to the parties involved. In order to ensure you receive the level of compensation you deserve, it is important that you contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Brooks Law Personal Injury Attorneys has the skills and experience you need to help you secure a fair settlement or even take your case to trial, should it become necessary.

Our team is highly experienced in the areas of both insurance polices and motorcycle accident litigation. This is a highly complex process where attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Let our team help you receive the fair compensation you are entitled to.

One Thing to Keep in Mind: This Type of Case Can Require a Trial

This step is taken if an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached between the injured parties and the insurance companies. By securing an attorney right from the beginning, you can ensure you are protected. Your experienced motorcycle accident attorney will appear in court with you and present your case. Their help can ensure you are not left with staggering expenses that you should not have to pay.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Compensation

In a motorcycle accident case, there are several types of compensation to be aware of beyond the standard liability insurance. Many times you are eligible for compensation from the other parties involved, but you may also have a claim against the motorcycle manufacturer if their product is found to be faulty. Your attorney will help you work through these details as they gather all the necessary information they need to present your case.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident call today to find out how our team can help. We have a rock-solid reputation and we want nothing more than to see our clients receive the compensation they deserve.