Pursuing Compensation from Negligent Drivers

Someone who causes an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol is negligent. The authorities will hold that driver responsible for the injuries and damage that occurred. Unfortunately, that does not mean getting the financial help you need is easy.

Many drunk drivers are repeat offenders and may not have a valid license or insurance. This can make it very difficult to receive full compensation. However, drunk driving may involve liability from other parties as well.

A court can find a restaurant or bar liable if they served alcohol to someone who:

  • Lacked motor skills

  • Had bloodshot eyes

  • Slurred their speech

  • Was stumbling

  • Smelled strongly of alcohol

Third-party liability can be difficult and requires a skilled Savannah car accident attorney. Eugene “Gene” C. Brooks has 35 years of experience in finding witnesses, helping them understand their role in a case, and interviewing them effectively. We can paint a picture of what happened and show who was negligent in the accident.

Building a Strong Case on Your Behalf

Police reports alone will not win you the fair settlement you should receive. You need a dedicated Savannah car accident lawyer who knows what steps to take to build a strong case.

Preparing a case for trial, even if a trial never happens, is an important way to seek the best settlement possible. At Brooks Law Office, we carefully collect police records, gather evidence from witnesses and medical professionals, and investigate how and why the accident happened.

With that information, we can show the financial costs that you have suffered and pursue punitive damages on your behalf. From negotiating with the insurance company to trying a case in court, we are on your side.